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HOUSTON, TX – RectorSeal introduces a new, low cost single use device for pulling wire. Simple- Easy- Reliable- Durable. RectorSeal® Single-Use Wire Grabber™ is used once, and is then recycled along with the scrap wire. 

This innovative tool is ideal for contractors who do only occasional wire pulls. It is an economical alternative with a low initial cost that will save Electrical Contractors on labor hours and drastically reduce the cost of setting up multiple wire pulls. Set-up time for a 4 wire pull is less than 5 minutes. This allows an Electrical Contractor to pull four times as much wire within a day.

The RectorSeal® Single-Use Wire Grabber™ is available in 18 sizes (8 AWG through 1000 mcm) to be used in sets to accommodate jobs of different sizes. Works on 600 volts through 35 KV wire and rated for both copper and aluminum wire. The lanyards are available in a variety of lengths to make staggering multiple wire pulls effortless especially through and around nineties. The small pulling head reduces friction; therefore there is no need to oversize conduit to accommodate the pulling head. 

Pulls are made by stripping the wire jacket back 3 inches and then, crimping the lug with 2 crimps on the wire using a hydraulic die or dieless crimper, and then start pulling. Strip it, Crimp it, Pull it – it is that easy!      

RectorSeal® Single-Use Wire Grabber™ innovative, labor saving tool for electrical contractors is now available through RectorSeal’s® nationwide distribution network or by calling customer service at 1-800-231-3345. 

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