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Internal Pipe Wrench

Ask any tradesman and they will probably tell you that the simplest jobs can sometimes be the most difficult if you don’t have the right tools.

Take for example, a service plumber or a maintenance contractor that gets a call because of a broken off shower arm that needs repair at a residence, a student dormitory or maybe a hospital facility.  The threaded shower arm is broken off in the threaded fitting and is behind the tile wall making it impossible to get to without having to bust out the shower tiles and sheet rock in the process.  What will he do? How about a mechanical or heating contractor that is on a job and needs to remove an old short length (close) nipple from an existing threaded connection and replace it with a new chrome or brass finish nipple. He puts his wrench around the old nipple to remove it, applies pressure and the nipple breaks off inside the fitting. Now what?  Better yet, once removed, how will he install the new decorative chrome nipple without marring the finish?

This is an ongoing problem that most repair and maintenance contractor’s face when working with small diameter threaded nipples and shower arms that eventually need repair or replacement. Some contractors will take a chisel and hammer and tap the broken nipple out of the fitting if they can even get to it. The time consuming and expensive method of busting out tile and sheetrock just to get to the problem still exists. There are “extractors” on the market that will help remove old threaded nipples and shower arms and there are “strap wrenches” and traditional wrenches that are used to install new ones, but they both fall short. It still takes two tools to do one job.

Answer:  A self-locking, reversible, internal pipe wrench that will attach to either a standard  ratchet, extension or impact wrench that will REMOVE and then INSTALL  most schedule 40  threaded nipples and shower arms by simply applying pressure to the inside wall of the of the nipple instead of the outside wall. It prevents damage to the threads on new installations. The ratchet gives the contractor plenty of leverage. An extension on the ratchet will reach behind the wall without having to remove tile or sheetrock. The internal pipe wrench is one tool that will do two jobs!

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