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Why Clean Air Conditioner coils?

Summer is here and the temperatures are soaring. A properly functioning air conditioning unit is vital in order to survive the heat, especially in the South. Electric bills are also topping the charts. When was the last time you had your air conditioning coils cleaned? Dirt and debris collects on the surface of the coils restricting air flow and reducing the efficiency of the a/c unit. Cleaning the coils can improve the efficiency of the cooling system and reduce unnecessary wear on the compressor. An annual cleaning is recommended. The reason dirt collects on the surface is because the fan on the outside condensing unit pulls air through the fins on the coil along with dirt and debris which collects over time and restricts airflow. This also happens on the inside unit where the evaporator coil is located. Dirty coils cause equipment to run longer resulting in more wear and tear on the compressor. It uses more energy resulting in larger electric bills. The solution is to clean the coils on your air conditioning unit. The least labor intense way to do this is to use a good coil cleaner. Coil cleaners come in a range of choices, these are acid or alkaline used for cleaning condensing coils and an evaporator coil cleaner used for cleaning evaporator coils. An alkaline cleaner is most effective on greasy oily coils and acid is used to clean other organic matter.  Read all cautions, directions and warnings before beginning and follow all safety instructions printed on the label. Wear the recommended safety equipment. The use of coil cleaners is best left up to the professional contractor who has the proper equipment and experience in cleaning coils. Once the coils have been properly cleaned, don’t forget to change the air filters as well. This will assure that your unit will operate efficiently with minimum air flow restrictions. You are now ready for the summer heat.