HOUSTON, TX – RectorSeal introduces a heavy duty wire pulling clevis to its line of wire pulling tools. RectorSeal® Wire Pulling Clevis Clip is used to connect pulling rope to Wire Snagger® and Wire Grabber™.


Wire Snagger® pulling tools with spring-activated gripping teeth have revolutionized electrical cable pulling since their introduction in 2005.  Set-up and tear-down time for multiple wire pulls has been reduced to a few minutes. Now, RectorSeal® has added additional innovative tools to increase daily productivity for electrical contractors.


The RectorSeal® Wire Pulling Clevis Clip is a heavy duty, universal clevis clip for connecting Wire Snagger®, Wire Grabber™ Crimp-On and Wire Grabber™ Single-Use to pulling rope. The maximum rated capacity working weight is 11,000 lbs. wire pulling only. The Clevis is a fast and easy way to connect to a pulling rope and passes through offsets and 90º bends easily.


RectorSeal® Wire Pulling Clevis Clip innovative, labor saving tool for electrical contractors is now available through RectorSeal’s® nationwide distribution network or by calling customer service at 1-800-231-3345.


The RectorSeal Corporation is celebrating its 75th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of chemical and specialty products designed for professional tradesmen. Steady growth over the years has been maintained through a commitment to providing high quality products and services.  With a diversified business strategy, RectorSeal® aggressively pursues new and unique technologies to serve the electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and construction industries with   innovative quality products supported by strong customer and technical service.


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