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Saving A Service Call…


It’s going to be May in just a week. And you know what that means. Those nice cool mornings and evenings will be gone till probably October. We will be firing up the A/C to combat the heat and the humidity. We want our AC’s to be efficient as possible and I have got 2 things that you can do your self without calling the A/C man. First the first time we have a spray that you can use to clean the evaporator coil. Before that has been a service call. But K.O. Dirt Blaster is easy to use and is less than $15. It’s a pressure wash for the coils that will clean them, and you don’t have to water rinse the coils afterward. I used it at the Lake. You just take the front cover off the AC, and then you can see the coils. I was surprised to see how dirty the coils were, but once I sprayed the K.O. Dirt Blaster the dirt just melted away. I cleaned them in minutes! Don’t worry you can’t make a mistake. If you don’t clean the coils the system doesn’t work as efficiently as it should and though it will still work, it will have to work harder. And you know what that means….$$$. While you are taking care of the coils, you will notice a pan that is below the coils. The coils drip into that pan. If the drain on the pan stops up, then the pan will over-flow. And it over- flows into the house. So that means if the AC is in the attic, the pan will over-flow into the sheetrock and can do a lot of damage. My daughter had one over-flow into her bedroom closet, and made a big mess. So drop a “ACTab EE” into the pan. If your pan is dry, it’s ok, because the ACTabb doesn’t work unless you have a problem

These two projects don’t take long, and will cost you less than $25. I don’t know about you, but a service call in SA, is way more than that. Stay cool my friends!


Now to the email…..


Question:I have a old commode that is a special color to go with the rest of the bath. I have been told that it uses a lot of water ever time we flush. I do not want to change out my toilet, but I do want to save water. So what can I do?

Answer: I know we all need to be responsible for our water. And there is something simple and easy to make your toilet a water saving one. Take out your old flapper, and replace it with a Frugal Flush Flapper. It will only use 1 ½ gallons of water per flush. I always recommend that people keep their old toilet if they can because they are so much better than the new toilets.

Question: Our pool tiles are falling off. We have tried many types of adhesives. The tiles are just above the water line and it seems that the surface that they need to stick back on is just not rough enough.

Answer: Lets clean the back of the tile and the place where you want to re-attach the tile. Use a product called Vera Safe, it’s made by Franmar. It will etch the tile, and that way you have a clean etched surface. Don’t worry, Vera Safe, is organic, non-fuming, and safe to use. When attaching the tile use a product called More Flex. Try one tile first, put it on and then squeeze down. Then use the More Flex to grout around the tile. Secure it with tape. Give it 72 hours to cure.

Question: The previous owners of this house spray painted the wood fence that extends from the back of the house to the garage. There is white over-spray on the red brick where the fence attaches to the house. We’ve tried wire brush and mineral spirits and power washing. Nothing works. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Use a product called Soy Gel. It works fast, and does all the work. It’s safe, and odorless. Put it on about a ¼ inch thick…do a test spot first. When you can take your finger and go all the to the brick, then you are done. Just rinse it off.

Question: I am really in a bind. I had an old double bed modified into a Queen. The guy did a really good job. But the plywood that he used smells bad. It makes the whole room smell. Help!

Answer: Just spray the plywood down, with Bio Zapp and let it dry. Just really soak the plywood…it won’t hurt will just take the smell away.