Keep your A/C Ship Shape in Record High Temperatures

Temperatures have been soaring this summer, which means air conditioning systems are working overtime trying to keep things cool and dry inside your home.

One common reason an air conditioning service technician is called to a job is because of condensate drain lines clogging. A/C drain lines clog due to thick mucus-like algae that grows inside the condensate drainage lines.

Over time, sludge forms in an air conditioner’s drain line and closes them up, not allowing condensate to drain. This happens because the normal current from condensate is not enough to flush the line. Tiny particles form along the bottom of the ‘P’ trap and in other parts of the drain line. These particles collect in one spot causing a clog. The water will then back up into the air conditioning drain pan. After the pan is full, water will overflow into the house. This is when most homeowners notice the problem.

Clearing the condensate drain line can be a messy job. One way to clear it is to cut the line near the air handler drain pan and blow out the line with a water hose or high pressure air hose. Another method is to use a wet/dry vacuum to suck out the clog; however this method requires an electrical outlet. A New product Mighty Pump™ is a lightweight but high powered pump that can vacuum or blow out a clog, is does not require any electricity. Simply attach the hose of the Mighty Pump to the A/C condensate drain line and pump the handle a few times to either vacuum or blow out a clog.

After the line is cleared, insert biocide tablets into the drip pan to prevent the growth of slime inside of your condensate line. This will prevent most blockages in air conditioning due to build up. Actabs™ Jr. is conveniently packed in bulk for treatments that last up to 3 months.

Another way to prevent flooding and water damage from a clogged condensate drains is to install a condensate overflow shut-off switch, this is installed on the drain pan and when a clog is detected the system shuts off preventing water damage. Safe-T-Switch has many models to fit different applications.